HAI-TPR-120: Three Phase Repeater - Wire-in 120/208 V 60Hz

    Leviton/HAI product.  Original as sold by Leviton/HAI 
  • Ensures communication on all three-phase 120/208VAC Delta-Wye 60Hz power
  • Bridge the communication gap between phases within multi-dwelling units, apartments, condominiums and light commercial office and restaurant facilities
  • May be connected to a standard 3 phase circuit breaker or 2 breakers of a single phase electrical system when only 2 of the 3 phases are present. 
  • Easy to configure with UPStart software
  • Note: User Manual is for the PulseWorx product which operate the same.
  • For images, see the PulseWorx TPR-120 in the "Tools" webstore section.

Owner's Manual
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