Title 24 Timer - 4 Channel Timer

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The T24 timer is a stand-alone multi-channel timer that can control, via relays or with relays and T24 commands, up to four circuits. The timer has a 2-line LCD display and a menu system where the basic functions of the timer can be configured. In addition, you can connect the timer to a USB or network connection and perform that configuration from the T24 software (available for free download at the PCS website).

The timer has easy to use front panel controls. There is a row of four buttons, a row of 4 LEDs, and a second row of four buttons. There is a USB port for connecting the timer to a computer for setup using the T24 software. If the optional network board is installed there is a location to plug in a network cable. 

f the timer is configured for ON/OFF control, then the action of the button toggles an output channel on and off. If the timer is configured for level control, then each press of the button changes the level to the next step.  That is, from OFF to 10%, 40%, 70%, 100%, and 100% to OFF.

The LED shows the state of the output channel – when the LED is on the output is ON and when OFF the output is OFF.

If a channel is configured as an input – occupancy sensor, switch, or demand response – the button for that channel has no effect. The LED shows if the input is currently ON or OFF.

  • Four channels used for either outputs or inputs
  • Output relays for 120VAC or 277VAC, 20Amp
  • Simple installation
  • Meets all aspects of California Title 24
  • Occupancy sensor, on/off switch, and demand response inputs supported
  • On/Off circuit control or multi-level control using T24 0-10V Receiving Modules that require no control wires
  • Schedules contain up to 250 timed events organized into four schedules
  • 20-year calendar for choosing the schedule in use each day
  • Events and calendar stored in non-volatile memory
  • Astronomical calculation of sunrise and sunset via configured location and current date
  • Configure for scheduling by day of the week or scheduling by the calendar day to easily handle facility exceptional days like holidays and facility closed periods
  • Control by schedule when inputs like occupancy sensors are enabled or disabled
  • 0-10V levels for high, medium, low, and minimum, can be configured to fit the installation needs