LED LevelSet 0-10V Module (LSM0-10V)

  • Change level to 50%,65%,80% 100% from existing wall switch
  • Default is 50%  most users are happy with this level
  • Solve brightness/glare  fewer customer complaints
  • Installs less 10-30 seconds  just connect 0-10V purple/gray wires
  • No commissioning – if 50% default works then you are done
  • Save up to 50% energy – payback in 1 year
  • Drivers and LEDs last longer and run cooler
  • Purchase a high power fixture then adjust level as desired
  • Makes choosing the correct power fixture simple. Just choose the higher power

For questions about installation and use, see the FAQ.

For questions on configuration, presentation, and demo, see the video page.

Installation Guide
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