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Image result for Youtube icon png UPstart V7.0+ - The New And Improved Key To Unlock PulseWorx
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Below are the introduction to UPB in 15 videos. Each link opens a YouTube video in a new browser tab.




Introduction and Applications
  • Powerline Control Systems (PCS): Who we are.
  • Explain the Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) technology.
  • Discuss the system components and proper topology.
  • Overview UPB product line
  • Explain interfacing applications with different installations and technologies

37 min.

Factory Default

What are the factory default options and how to factory default devices.

3 min.

Manual Set-up Mode

How to place PulseWorx Devices into set-up mode for manual programming or working with UPStart.

2 min.

Change to Switch and Back to Dimmer

How to manually reprogram a dimmer to be a toggle switch or change it into a dimmer.

3 min.

Default On Level

How to identify the "on level" on the rocker, or what light level the switch goes to on a single tap.

3 min.

Fade Rate

How to modify the fade rate on a switch and change the ramp rate - how fast the light reaches its programmed level. Manual range goes from .5 seconds to 30 seconds.

4 min.

Start Up and Adding Devices

Understanding where to start with UPStart:

  • Creating a new file and network
  • Saving and protecting the job
  • Adding single devices
  • Adding multiple devices

8 min.

Links and Scenes

How to create Links or Scenes:

  • What are Scenes and Links
  • Renaming a Link
  • Adding new Links/Scenes
  • Adding devices to a Link/Scene
  • Customize the Link/Scene

18 min.

Editing Switch Configuration

Configuration options for a PulseWorx dimmer or switch:

  • Customize the switch rocker
  • Options for LED color, auto timeout
  • Advanced options for Multi-packet transmission and Receive Sensitivity
  • Communications testing
  • Transmit component options

16 min.

Keypad Button Mode

Each button on the KPC-8 Keypad comes defaulted as a Super Toggler. The KPC-6 comes defaulted with an On/Off button and Link Activate. This program shows how to choose the proper button mode for the action you want to make happen.

2 min.

LED Tracking

The ability to customize the LED function of each button on our keypads is exclusive to Powerline Control Systems. This video shows how to set the LED tracking on the keypads. If you want the LED light to turn on when a light is lit or a scene activated and turn off when the light/scene is off is the function of LED tracking.

9 min.


How to create an Advanced Noise Log

2 min.

Network Comm Test

The Network Communication Test tests how well the PIM communicates with each device in the network. Specify how many tests are run and how many tests per devices.

4 min.

Multi Device Editing

Multi Device Editing modifies multiple devices of the same type simultaneously.

4 min.

Dialog Link Editor

The Dialog Link Editor creates scene using a method that shows Controllers, Presets, and Indicators.

7 min.