Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I find more information about these products?

Complete information about PulseWorx products, including electrical specifications, is found on the Powerline Control Systems website.

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Where can I download the UPStart configuration program?

The UPStart configuration program is downloaded from the Powerline Control Systems website in the PulseWorx resource section.

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I'm a dealer, how do I get the dealer discount?

Each time you want to purchase products, just log into your account and that account will have been configured as a dealer.

If you have not yet created an account but are already a PCS dealer, go ahead and create an account then to have that account enabled for dealer pricing, email PCS Sales and enter "Activate my account" as the subject. Be sure to include in the message the email address you used when creating the account. If you are in California and tax exempt that exemption will also be activated in this website.

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How do I become a dealer?

If you have not yet done so, create an account in this system and then, before placing any orders, contact PCS sales and tell them your account details - name, company name, and email address for the account you created. They will go over with you the process for you to become a dealer. They will update your account so next time you log into your account it will recognize you as a dealer and automatically offer you the discount you are entitled to.

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I have a resale certificate, how do I provide that so I don't have to pay tax?

All you need do is to have an account here and then  contact PCS Sales and they will configure your account for that. Be sure to include in the message the email address you used when creating the account.

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