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SAI Product Documentations
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SAI Getting Started (Manual Configuration Guides) 👇

Getting Started (Manual Configuration Guide) - US2TP11, USQT22, US28OTP23
Getting Started (Manual Configuration Guide) - US1W9 and US1W10
Getting Started (Manual Configuration Guide) - US2W12 and US2W24 
Getting Started (Manual Configuration Guide) - UMA25 and UMA26
Getting Started (Manual Configuration Guide) - UML7 and UML8
Getting Started (Manual Configuration Guide) - URD27 and URD28

SAI Product Manuals/User Guides 👇

UMC - Computer Interface Module
UMI - Input/Output Module
UCQF - Fan Controller Base
UCQT-40A - Scene Controller Base
UCS-01 - Controller, Scheduler Timer
UCS-V0 - Anywhere Virtual Scheduler-Timer 
US28XTP - 8-button Tabletop Controller
UML - Lamp Module
UML-E-W - Lamp Module
UMA - Appliance Module
UMA-E-W - Appliance Module
UMA-V0 - Anywhere Virtual Appliance Module 
URD - Controlled Receptacle
URD-V0 - Anywhere Virtual Controlled Receptacle
UFD - Fixture Dimmer Module
UFR - Fixture Relay Module 
UFR-V0 - Anywhere Virtual Wire-in Relay Module

US11-40 - Standard Dimming Transceiver Switch
US11-30/USR - Standard Dimming Transceiver Switch & Dedicated Remote
US1-40 - Standard Dimming Transceiver Switch with Timer
US1-V0 - Anywhere Virtual Accessory Switch
US2-40 - Universal Dimming Transceiver Switch Base
US22-40 - Dual Output, Universal Dimming Transceiver Base
US2-V02 - Anywhere Virtual Accessory Switch (2-Rocker) 
US2-V03 - Anywhere Virtual Accessory Switch (3-Rocker) 
US2-V04 - Anywhere Virtual Accessory Switch (4-Rocker)
US2TP - Tabletop Controller
USQT - Tabletop Scene Controller Pedestal
USR-40 - Dedicated Remote (3/4 Way) Switch Base 
USR-40A - Single/Dual Dedicated Remote (3+ Way) Controller Base
UTR - Three-Phase Repeater & Computer Interface (CIM)

ZNF10A - Noise Filter - Attenuation Isolator 
ZPCI - Universal Inverting Phase Coupler
ZTP2 - Tabletop Pedestal Enclosure

SAI Legacy Device documents: Download link(.zip file)

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