Relay Dimming - WS-277 Wall Switch Dimmer - 277V


When LED fixtures are installed in office or residential locations it is best to provide a way to change their illumination level for different usages of the space. Those using the space often perceive LED lighting as much brighter or harsher than the lighting it replaces and that can quickly lead to complaints post install.

In California, when replacing more than 10% of the fixtures in an existing structure and when installing new construction, Title 24 mandates that fixtures be dimmable. Common LED drivers have a 0-10V control signal as an input to the LED driver to set its illumination level, where the voltage level is proportional to the illumination level.

The WS Wall switch works in conjunction with the RM-0-10V receiving module provides full featured dimming to any installation. 

The WS wall switch can work with an occupancy sensor. Wire the output of the occupancy sensor – typically a red wire – to the blue wire of the WS wall switch. When the occupancy sensor is “ON” – the room is occupied – the fixtures controlled by the WS wall switch will be ON. When the occupancy sensor is “OFF” – the room is not occupied – the fixtures controlled by the WS wall switch will be OFF. For more information, see the wiring diagram in the FAQ.

The WS wall switch can be installed into any office or residential environment. Available in the three most popular colors – White, Light Almond, and Ivory.

Owner's Manual: Click here (PDF)

List of recommended 0-10V LED drivers to use, PCS tested

Note: This is not a wireless product so is 100% secure and can be installed where wireless is not allowed by policy or contract.

Note: The receiving module, installed in the fixture for the switch to operate, is purchased separately. 

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