SWX-WSXR-15 - Wall Switch Transceiver Relay


The WSXR Wall Switch Relay is both a Transmitter and Receiver that will control a local electrical load – such as a light - similar to any standard wall switch and turn on any SimpleWorx receiver too:

What makes the WSXR Wall Switch Relay so special is that it can also remotely control the load of any SimpleWorx receiving device installed anywhere else in the same electrical system – no control wires are needed! Once the Transmit portion of the WSXR is “linked” to a load controlling SimpleWorx receiver (refer to “Linking a Transmitter to a Receiver”) it is capable of controlling that receiver’s load just as if it were its own load. The transmitter portion, or the Top Rocker of the Wall Switch can be linked to as many SimpleWorx receivers as you like. The receiver portion, or the Bottom Rocker can be linked to up to eight Transmitters.

  • Max Load 15A 
  • Transmitters use 120VAC trigger
  • Attractive Low-profile decorator style design
  • Available in seven colors: White, Light Almond, Almond, Ivory, Black, Brown or Gray. 
  • Mounts in a standard single or multi-gang wall box
  • Controls as many Receivers as you want
  • Wire-and-Play with SPC enabled devices.
  • Three-Way ready
  • Power failure restore to last state
  • 5 year warranty

Quick Start Guide
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