SWX DAT-4 - Digital Astronomical Timer


The SimpleWorx Digital Astronomical Timer features sixteen user programmed on/off settings - shared on four different channels; each can be set for: a specific time of day, sunset or sunrise with an offset (before or after).

The DAT-4 can be linked to as many receivers as necessary. Having four channels allows different devices to be controlled at different times. Each receiver has the ability to link to eight transmitters.

The DAT-4 will also auto-adjust for your locations sunrise/sunset and has an automatic Daylight Saving Time option too. A battery backup ensures your settings are saved if the power goes out.

  • Sixteen Timer Events:  On or Off Times
  • 4 Channels of control
  • Event Schedules: Dusk, Dawn ( +/- 75 Min in 15 Min increments) or Specific time
  • Determines Sunrise and Sunset daily
  • Adjusts for Daylight Saving Time
  • 5 year battery backup
  • Each of the channels may have one or more receivers 
  • Simple installation, plugs into any standard outlet 
  • Remote On/Off of Linked devices from anywhere in a home
  • 10 year Warranty 

Programming Guide
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