HAIme - Free UPB/OMNI Tool

A small free utility for the UPB / OMNI Community!

If you are a user of UPB and the HAI/Leviton OMNI you may already know that the OMNI is being phased out. This may make it hard to find UPB devices that the OMNI can work with. While you can use PulseWorx UPB devices with the OMNI without too much work – PCS has some technical notes on that – it sometimes is just simpler to let the OMNI do the work of integrating a new device. But for that to work the new device must be recognized as an HAI device.

Here is a small Windows application that can easily change the settings of a PulseWorx device so that the OMNI will recognize it as an HAI/Leviton device.

What this application does: Each time the application is run, it modifies the memory of the device in setup mode to make it appear, to the OMNI "PC Access" software, that it is an HAI device. This means that when in "PC Access" and you perform the "Configure HLC Device" operation it will work with that device. If you try this operation with an unmodified PulseWorx device, the operation will fail.

Just download and install. It’s free! But because of that, support is limited. If you have a problem, you can always factory reset the device and in most cases the PulseWorx settings are restored. For those devices that don't restore that way, this application offers to restore the PulseWorx settings if the device in setup mode is a HAI device type.