PulseWorx PGW: Gateway Interface

  • Empowers the use of mobile devices, smart phones and/or tablets to control PulseWorx systems
    • Apple iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad applications available
    • Microsoft Surface application available
    • Supports full line of PulseWorx products
    • Android application available Now
  • Virtual “Keypads” allow users to trigger keypad buttons remotely
    • Mobile applications graphically orientated and optimized for touch/gesture screens
  • Enhanced security features
    • Username and password protection enforced upon connection.
  • Allows up to 8 simultaneous connections
    • Individual user level privileges
  • Enables remote connection of UPStart to a PulseWorx/UPB system to access and update an installation
    • Field updatable firmware 
  • Built-in astronomical Timed Event Controller with 256 possible events based on 4 schedules 
    • Scheduling by week or calendar
    • Calendar mode appropriate for lite commercial installations
  • Complete solution without needing access to a server. Connection are made directly to the Gateway at the installation site 

PulseWorx Gateway Development Kit (PDF link)

 QuickStart Guide Manual
Gateway User Guide v1.6