PulseWorx PW513 - X10 to UPB Bridge, X10 to UPB


The PW513 X-10 to UPB Bridge is a small plug-in electronic device that converts standard X-10 formatted messages into corresponding UPB Communication Packets which is capable of transmitting and receiving digital commands and status over the existing powerlines and control UPB devices.

The PW513 is the ideal solution for interfacing alarm panels and other devices (that interface to an X-10 network via a PL-513 interface) to the high reliability of the PulseWorxTM Lighting Control System. Simply substitute the PW513 for the PL-513 and you have instantly switched to the high reliability of UPB. 

The PW513 receives X-10 messages through a standard 4-wire X-10 (PL-513/TW-523) interface output.

Owner's Manual
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