SWX-FMR-AC - Fixture Module Relay - 120V output, 20A MAX load

The FMR module was designed to be flexible enough to control almost any lighting or motor load, which may not have a direct connection to an existing switch or a switch without a neutral wire. The FMR switches line voltage in response to the on or off signals coming from its linked transmitter.

Simply mount the FMR on any standard electrical box by snapping it into a ½” knockout. The module can either mount outside of the box or reside in the box. Use standard wire-nuts to connect the FMR to line and neutral and the loads. The high 20A rating of the Fixture Module Receiver can control any incandescent lighting circuit, fluorescent fixtures, pumps, fans, motors, motorized damper controls or landscape transformers up to a conventional 20A circuit.
  • Easy 3 wire installation 
  • 14AWG wires for 20A On/Off control 
  • Easy snap in installation through 1/2" knockouts
  • Plenum rated 
  • Links with SPC Transmitters in seconds 
  • Controllable from eight Transmitters; no control wiring
  • Power failure restore to last state
  • 5 year warranty 

Quick Start Guide
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