SWX-SST - Sunrise Sunset Timer, 120V output, 15A MAX load


The Sunrise Sunset Timer (SST) features an astronomical clock which is capable of turning 120VAC devices ON and OFF based on one of the (10) ten preset daily schedules. It is also remotely controllable with digital SPC™ (Simple Powerline Communication) commands received from up to eight different SimpleWorx Transmitters and has a manual override button.

The extensive astronomic settings will cover Northern and Southern latitudes from 0-60 and Eastern to Western Longitudes from 60 -125, plus 135 & 165 to include Hawaii and Alaska. The on board clock automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time and Leap Year.

The professional grade standards include a 40 Amp Relay capable of 100,000 relay cycles with operating temperatures of -40F to 140F which features an internal high temperature protection sensor to automatically shut off at 185F which resets at 167F to safeguard against overheating failures which are backed by a 10 year warranty.

In the event of a power interruption, the heavy duty 125mA battery will protect the factory set clock for 10 years. The non-volatile memory protects programming indefinitely and the power failure restore feature resets to the last state.

Programming is as easy as pressing a button to set the schedule choice, time zone, and observation of daylight savings time, location latitude and longitude.

  • Pass-Thru Oulet (Always On)
  • New! Ergonomic and uniform design.
  • New! Pre-programmed to your location - DUSK-MIDNIGHT ON/OFF by default.
  • Scheduling
    • 10 On/Off daily programs
    • Daylight Savings and Leap Year Compensation
  • Remotely controllable from up to eight SWX Transmitters; no control wiring 
  • Manual Override Button 
  • Astronomic Daily Dusk/Dawn calculations for
    • 0o-60o for Northern and Southern latitudes
    • 66o-125o Eastern to Western longitudes
    • 135o & 165o for Alaska and Hawaii
  • Power Outage Backup
    • Long life 10 Year 125mA Battery
    • Permanent schedule retention 
    • Power failure restore to last state
  • Super Simple button press set-up and review of:
    • Schedule
    • Time Zone 
    • Daylight Saving Time
    • Latitude and Longitude 
    • Time Clock Settings
  • Built for Professional Use 
    • Timing Accuracy 
    • 1 Min @ 0o C to 40o C per year
    • 1 Min 45 Sec @ -40o C to 85o C per Year
    • Operating temperature of -40o F to +140o F
  • Internal High Temperature Protection
    • 185o F -85o C – Shut OFF
    • 167o F -75o C – Reset ON 
    • 40 Amp Relay, 1½ HP Motor Load
    • 100,000 Relay Cycles
  • Links to SPC Transmitters in seconds
  • Power failure restore to last state
  • 10 Year Warranty

Programming Guide
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