PulseWorx XPW713 - X10 to UPB Converter


Limited in quantity.  Obsolete when sold out

The XPW713 X-10 to UPB Converter is a small plug-in electronic device that converts standard X-10 formatted messages sent on the AC power line into corresponding UPB Communication Packets to control your PulseWorx UPB devices.

The XPW713 is the ideal solution for interfacing X-10 compatible transmitting devices and sensors to the high reliability of the UPB PulseWorx Lighting Control System.

The XPW713 receives X-10 messages on the existing AC power line.

Example Operation: When an X-10 A1 ON command is sent on the power line the XPW713 will convert this signal and transmit Link 1 Activate onto the power line.

Owner's Manual
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